Orlando Monteiro da Silva receives honorary doctorate from University of Porto

January 13, 2014

Orlando Monteiro da SilvaThe University of Porto conferment of degree doctor honoris causa to Orlando Monteiro da Silva, by proposal of the Faculty of Dental Medicine. It’s the first time that a dentist is recognised in Portugal.

With origins dating back to the eighteenth century, the University of Porto is currently one the most prestigious higher education institutions of Europe.

A public institution close to 32,000 students, 2,400 teachers and researchers along with 1,600 administrative staff attend its 15 schools and 60 scientific research units, spread across three university campuses located in the city of Porto.

With 14 faculties and a business school, the University of Porto provides an exceptional variety of courses, covering the whole range of study areas and all levels of higher education. In fact, offering over 600 training programmes per year (from degrees to continuous professional training), the University of Porto has teaching solutions for everyone.

The immediately previous distinguished was Jean-Claude Juncker in 2013. See all 79 contemplated here since 1921.

Biography Note

Orlando Monteiro da Silva was born in Porto and graduated in dentistry from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Porto.

President of the Portuguese Dental Association since 2001, Orlando Monteiro da Silva has occupied several functions both in national and international prominent institutions.

In 2003 he was elected to the board of the Council of European Dentists, CED, having later served a mandate as its president, between 2006 and 2009.

In 2004, he was a candidate for the council of FDI – World Dental Federation, having become the first Portuguese person to assume decision-making functions within this global organization of dentistry. He promoted the adhesion of East Timor, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and the Lusophone Dental Association to the FDI.

University of PortoThe importance of advocating for Portuguese dentists and dentistry both nationally and internationally, as well as for the relevance of learning and of bringing experiences from abroad, have marked his work as President of the Portuguese Dental Association, Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas, regulatory body of the profession in Portugal.

In 2011 he acted as president of FDI – World Dental Federation, a position he occupied until the end of his term in August 2013.

In 2011, he was elected president of the National Council of Professional Associations (CNOP) and in 2012 he took office as councillor of the Portuguese Economic and Social Council, for four years from 2011 to 2015.

Madrid: Current practice of Dentistry in Europe

December 29, 2013

Last 21 December, by invitation of the Spanish Dental Association, I participated at the Round Table “Current practice of Dentistry in Europe” of the XXXIV Congresso Nacional e XIV Internacional do Consejo General de Colegios de Odontólogos y Estomatólogos de España.

Other colleagues, as Stefaan Hanson, Marco Landi, Catherine Mojaïsky, Philippe Rusca, Gerhard Konrad Seeberger and Michael Sereny had also contributed with their opinion and experience. The moderator was Juan Manuel Aragoneses and Manuel Alfonso Villa Vigil, president of the Consejo, was the host of this relevant round table.

The highlight and topics that were under discussion:

  • numerus clausus: limitation in the number of incoming student at university in EU;
  • number of Dental Schools;
  • number of students that begin Dentistry studies each year;
  • percentage of population that uses dental services;
  • percentage of population that goes to the dentist without a “perceived need” annually;
  • Funds and/or supports from Governments to dental services;
  • private treatments / kind of payments
  • Advertising

From left to right, Andrés Plaza Costa, Manuel Alfonso Villa Vigil and Juan Antonio López Calvo.


From left to right, Enrique Llobell Palanca, Premio Santa Apolonia, my wife, Manuel Alfonso Villa Vigil, Llobell’s wife and me.


Press conference at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium of Real Madrid. Gerhard Seeberger, speaker at the round table too, interpellating a journalist…

Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders

December 18, 2013

aohab-logoI really appreciated participating , by kind invitation of Steve Kess, treasurer and vice-president, Global Professional Relations Henry Schein, Inc., in the Leadership Development Program with the Alliance for Oral Health.

…”The Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders was founded for the purpose of promoting peace and well-being through oral health in countries, regions, and communities in the world, particularly those facing social, economic, and political unrest. Using oral health as the path, members of the AOHAB are committed — independently of any political agendas — to foster, create, and sustain collaborative relationships in order to bring about peace and harmony among people.

Over  50 participants from 14 countries came together in NY.

Over 50 participants from 14 countries came together in NY.

AOHAB is a nonprofit, international nongovernmental organization created by oral health care professionals and oral health advocates — dentists, dental educators, members of the oral health care team, business leaders, researchers, public servants, administrators, advocates and others — representing dozens of nationalities with the vision of achieving global peace and health through oral health by means of collaborative dialogue and action.


The overall guiding principle of AOHAB is based on ethical behaviour and impartiality, respecting all racial, ethnic, religious, political, gender, and age characteristics of people everywhere. AOHAB is dedicated to the spirit of humanitarianism, having genuine concern for the lives of others and their improvement, and fostering mutual understanding and respect for the human right to health, including oral health, for all.


Within this context, members of AOHAB view oral health as an integral part of general health, with many of the risk factors shared with diseases affecting other body systems. The projects to be 
sponsored by AOHAB should promote health, prevent disease, and provide appropriate health care for populations in areas in conflict or with social/economic distress…”

A list of reputated members are already committed with the Alliance,

• Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health, A.T. Still University, USA
• Faculty of Dentistry, Al-Quds University, Palestine
• Case School of Dental Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, USA
• School of Stomatology, Guangxi Medical University, China
• Faculty of Dentistry, Hacettepe University, Turkey
• Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Harvard University, USA
• Faculty of Dental Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
• Faculty of Dentistry, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
• Dental Institute, Kings College London, UK
• Faculty of Dentistry, Kuwait University, Kuwait
• Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, India
• Faculty of Stomatology, Medical University, Bulgaria
• Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, Russian Federation
• School of Dentistry, Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences, United Republic of Tanzania
• Department of Oral Science, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
• School of Stomatology, Peking University, China
• School of Dental Medicine, Stony Brook University, USA
• The Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel
• Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry, Temple University, USA
• Tokyo Dental College, Japan
• School of Dental Medicine, University at Buffalo, USA
• School of Dentistry, University of California San Francisco, USA
• Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry, University of Southern California, USA
• Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Sydney, Australia
• Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto, Canada
• Pre-Dental Society & Student Run Free-Dental Clinic, University of California San Diego, USA

And industry …
• Air Technics
• Bedford Healthcare Solutions
• Crosstext
• DMG America LLC
• Henry Schein
• Premier Dental Products
• The P&G Company
• Septodont

The project has a fantastic potential. I’m sure we al will hear more, much more about the AOHAB!

The PDA Congress 2013 in Lisbon. More than a congress…

December 17, 2013

The Portuguese Dental Association (PDA) organise, every year, the largest dental congress in Portugal. This year it took place in Lisbon, from 21 till 23 November under the Tagus River scenery.



With a scientific programme of renowned national and international experts, the conferences – covering all aspects of dental medicine today, of PDA congress had all the conference rooms stretched to the limit of its capacity. Nearly 8000 participants, from some 17 countries, filled the conferences rooms.

Opening Ceremony
This year’s Opening Ceremony, on 22 November, included a Portuguese comedian, named Nilton, for a relaxed glimpse of the profession just before of institutional speeches.

XXII Congresso da Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas - 21, 22 e 23 de novembro de 2013, Centro de Congressos de Lisboa - Arquivos em https://www.omd.pt/congresso/2013.

XXII Congresso da Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas - 21, 22 e 23 de novembro de 2013, Centro de Congressos de Lisboa - Arquivos em https://www.omd.pt/congresso/2013.

We had the honour to have the presence of the Portuguese Minister of Health, Paulo Macedo, as well as the Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Luis Campos Ferreira.

XXII Congresso da Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas - 21, 22 e 23 de novembro de 2013, Centro de Congressos de Lisboa - Arquivos em https://www.omd.pt/congresso/2013.

XXII Congresso da Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas - 21, 22 e 23 de novembro de 2013, Centro de Congressos de Lisboa - Arquivos em https://www.omd.pt/congresso/2013.

“(…) One last thing is that health services trust dentists and we believe that Portuguese people have reason to be proud of the quality of their dentists”, said Paulo Macedo, Minister of Health.

XXII Congresso da Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas - 21, 22 e 23 de novembro de 2013, Centro de Congressos de Lisboa - Arquivos em https://www.omd.pt/congresso/2013.

Adressing the conferencists as president of Portuguese Dental Association, Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas.


XXII Congresso da Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas - 21, 22 e 23 de novembro de 2013, Centro de Congressos de Lisboa - Arquivos em https://www.omd.pt/congresso/2013.

Expo-Dentária was visited for more than 6640 professionals of oral health. PDA exhibition is an important international landmark in its field.

Below, a fashion show, one of several parallel initiatives at the exhibition.

XXII Congresso da Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas - 21, 22 e 23 de novembro de 2013, Centro de Congressos de Lisboa - Arquivos em https://www.omd.pt/congresso/2013.

ADL (Portuguese Speaking Dental Associations) participants group photo.


More than 2200 participants partying in a special venue.

Participants at the scientific programme: 2748
Lectures: 67
Scientific Presentations: 128
Visitors to Expo-Dentária: 6641
Companies: 115
Staff: 250

Thank you Mozambique! Obrigado Moçambique!

November 15, 2013

Mozambique is a country in Southeast Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa. The capital and largest city is Maputo. The official language is Portuguese. Population 25.2 million.

Copyright Creative Commons Wikimedia.

The recently created Mozambique Dental Association organized its first congress, last November, in Maputo, under the theme “Challenges and Opportunities in Mozambique”.


There are nearly 140 dentists working in public dental service and nearly 50 dentists in private practice.

According to Health Vice-Minister, Nazira Abdul, in Mozambique there are only 238 health facilities with dental service and 389 oral health professionals. However the supply still to fall short to the needs of the country. She recognized the lack of a strategy to fight tooth decay, which is connected to the high burden of oral diseases.

Paula Ahing, president of the Mozambique Dental Association is truly committed for better oral health in her country and with the support of the Government of Mozambique.

Paula Ahing, presidente of the Mozambique Dental Association, welcoming delegates at the opening ceremony.


Addressing the delegates on Vision 2020 and trends of dental medicine, as president of the Portuguese Dental Association.

Ricardo Faria e Almeida addressing a conference.

A view of attentive participants.

Paula Ahing acknowledging some of the speakers. Sharing the same mother language facilitates communication…

Paula Ahing interviewed for local media.

Paula Ahing and Health Mozambique Government representative, Ussene Isse.

Offering to Ussene Isse the FDI Oral Health Atlas and a recognition from the Portuguese Dental Association.

International Exhibition of Oral Health.


Board of the Mozambique Dental Association with some of the speakers and representatives of Portuguese Dental Association.

Group photo.

Central Park of Maputo: local dancers performing at the Maputo Official Day.

We are all expecting a second edition of the Congress!

First summit of luso-hispano-american leaders in Buenos Aires

November 5, 2013

By invitation of Damián E. Basrani, president of the Argentina Dental Association (AOA), and Diego Canzani, presidente of the 37th Congress of the AOA (from 28th October to 2th November), I attended the first summit of dental medicine leaders from Portugal, Spain and Latin America.

My presentation focused on the “Future of the profession”.


 argentina-001 Group photo.

argentina-003From left to right, me, Pedro Pires (vice-president of the Portuguese Dental Association Board of Directors), Jaime Edelson (FDI councillor), Victor Guerrero (past-president of the Mexican Dental Association), Luiz Fernando Varrone (president of the Brazilian Dental Association/ABO) and Alvaro Roda (FDI councillor for Latin America).

argentina-004Opening ceremony.

argentina-006Several roundtables took place: dental materials and environment, dental curricula at the university, migration, among others.

argentina-005Buenos Aires “Torre Monumental”. Clock tower located in front of the summit venue.

We are all waiting for the second summit…

Europe and the Dentists Cap Esterel – France

September 30, 2013



By kind invitation of Catherine Mojaïsky, President of the French Confederation of Dental Union ( CNSD ), I attended the 5th Summer University from 20 to 22 September 2013 in Cap Esterel, on the Cote d’Azur, on the theme of “Europe and the dentists”. This event was dedicated to the CNSD responsible people and to future managers from all French departments and regions.

Catherine Mojaïsky

The event was organized around three roundtables and a political closing meeting on Sunday the 22nd morning, which I participated.

A more political round table under the theme: European harmonization: utopia or necessity?

– Gérard Morel, Vice-President of the CNSD
– Nora Berra, European Deputy (France)
– Catherine Mojaïsky, Presidente de la CNSD (France)
– Orlando Monteiro Da Silva, Past-President of FDI – (Portugal)
– Jacques Reignault, President du CEPLIS European Committee of Liberal Professions (France)
– Philippe Rusca, President of ERO – FDI – European Regional Organization of the FDI (Switzerland)

Moderator: Pascal Beau, Director of “Espace social européen”

I underlined the impact of the FDI highlighting oral health as a fundamental human right under the FDI Vision 2020 project.

Nora Berra, European Deputy (France)


An interested predominantly french assistance. Conclusion the need to find a balance and a regulation acceptable to all member states…

The roundtable on Friday the 20th afternoon was held on the theme of education and professional qualifications:
– Doniphan Hammer – President of the Professional Education and Implantation Commission of the CNSD
Intervenients :
– Wolfgang Doneus, President of the CED – Council of European Dentists (Austria)
– Stefaan Hanson, executive Director of the VVT, Flemish Dental Association (Belgium)
– Hassib Kamell, President of the l’AEDS – European Association of Dental students (Netherlands)
– François Keller, President de la SSO – Swiss Associtaion Société of Dentists (Switzerland)
– Jean-François Largy, Technical Counsillor of the CNSD (France)
– Constantine Oulis, Hellenic Dental Association – President of the WG Education and Professional Qualifications of the CED (Greece)

The two roundtables of Saturday the 21st addressed the European health systems and economic conditions of dentists in different countries of the European Union.
The first was dedicated to presentation of practicing conditions in the neighboring countries of France: relations with statutory or private insurance, reimbursed fees, enforceable fees, free fees…


– Roland L’Herron – CNSD International business responsible and elected for the CED – Council of European Dentists board. (France)
– Alain Arnaud, President of the MFP – Mutuality public function (France)
– Eric Badonnel, Secretary General of the National Union of Organizations of supplementary health insurance (France)
– Michel Chassang, President of the CSMF – French Confederation of Medical Unions (France)
– Peter Engel, President of BZÄK German Dental Association – elected for the CED – Council of European Dentists board (Germany)
– Marco Landi, from National Association of Italian Dentists and elected for the CED – Council of European Dentists board (Italy)
– Juan Carlos Llodra, from Spanish Dental Association (Spain)

In the second one, economic models were discussed: type of practice, taxation, practitioners’ income, retirement and pensions….


– Michel Bergougnoux, General treasurer of the CNSD
Interveniants :
– Nicolas Arnould, AIO –Italian Dental Association (French dentist practising in Italy )
– Stefaan Hanson, Executive Director of the VVT, Flemish Dental Association (Belgium)
– Guy Morel, President of the l’EurelPro – European Association of Pension Institutions Professionals and President of the CARCDSF – Autonomous pension fund dentists and midwives (France)-
Véronique Pellegrain, lawyer, specialised on European law (France)
– Michael Sereny, President of the Dental Chamber in Lower Saxony (Germany)


Three days of conferences and about 400 participants. A huge success. I thank Catherine and the all the CNSD colleagues and friends! A true pleasure for me!

World Healthcare Students University of Lausanne – Switzerland

September 20, 2013

As past-president of the FDI, I attended the 5th World Healthcare Students’ Symposium, 8-13th September.

WHSS is the biggest international event for healthcare students. It involves about 300 students of medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, nursing, chiropractic and other healthcare professions spending five days together in a world wide student congress, which is held every two years.


This 5th symposium helped students identify the future challenges of the healthcare system in order to promote a better interprofessional collaboration. The program included many workshops and lectures on interprofessional studies, the role of different professions, perspectives and strategies, the evolution and outcomes of the healthcare system and its actors, global health and primary care.


Adressing the audience on the topic Interprofessional Collaboration Practice.The role of Dentists and Oral Health…

The symposium was be conducted by many prestigious speakers and representatives of international organizations such as the World Heath Organization (WHO), the World Heath Professions Alliance (WHPA), the World Medical Association (WMA), International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and the World Dental Federation (FDI), Doctors without Borders (DWBand) and several professionals and experts from Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic and Switzerland.


The WHSS is the largest international and interprofessional healthcare student congress. This year’s 5th edition focus on «Demystifying interprofessional collaboration». An audience of about 300 very interested students from different health areas (including dental medicine) from all around the world…


Thank you to the organisers:
– ASEP: Swiss pharmacy students association
– SWIMSA: Swiss medical students association
– ASSIDE University applied sciences (health) students association from the canton of Vaud. (Nursing, Physio, ergotherapy…)
– ADES: Students association of HEdS La source – Lausanne (Nursing)
– AEML: Medical students association of Lausanne.

The WHSS committee benefited from the help of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), many professional associations such as the Swiss Medical Association (FMH), PharmaSuisse and important institutions such as The University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV), the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of UNIL, the Geneva-Lausanne School of Pharmacy (EPGL), the University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Western Switzerland (HES-SO) and the Lausanne Medical University Polyclinic (PMU).

For me, it was a unique experience!

Gracias Paraguay, hasta siempre!

September 15, 2013

Immediately after FDI AWDC 2013, in Istanbul, by invitation of the Circulo de Odontólogos del Paraguay (COP), I had the pleasure to attend, as FDI past president, the IX International Congress in Assuncion (5-7 September).


Open ceremony – national authom of Paraguay.

Colleagues from Paraguay.

The FDI General Assembly in Istanbul approved the COP membership as Associate member. As the COP representatives couldn´t attend the Istanbul AWDC, so I had the honor to deliver it locally…

With the president of the COP, Eduardo Poletti Paoletti.

I took the opportunity to present in Spanish the Vision 2020 FDI project…

Local organizing committee….

Farewell: Noche tipica at the…

….Head office. Gracias Paraguay, hasta siempre!

Diplomacy for Advocacy. So long FDI!

August 30, 2013


When I took office as FDI President two years ago at the meeting of the General Assembly in Mexico City, I made a commitment to leave FDI in a stronger position and reinforce its reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and credible partner to our members, stakeholders, the industry and partners.


In concrete terms, FDI has made measurable achievements in a number of areas over the past year.

The ones I would like to highlight are:

  • The Vision 2020 project, and the launch of FDI Observatory for Oral Health Prevention and Control;
  • NCD’s Non-Communicable Diseases: the success in the FDI for within the United Nations and WHO in imposing the view that oral diseases share risk factors with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases; they would therefore benefit from similar prevention and control activities;
  • the FDI Strategy for Africa;
  • our global partnership with Unilever renewed in Istanbul for 3+ 3 years;
  • our approach in the field of dental materials and its immediate results within the United Nations environment program;
  • the launch of the 2014 World Oral Health Day campaign;
  • Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC), India, New Deli 2014;
  • AWDC Thailand, Bangkok 2015;
  • Regional FDI Congress in Santiago de Chile 2015;
  • And last but not least, returning to surplus in 2013, ending a series of disappointing financial results.

I invited you to scroll down and take a look at some of it in FDI Istanbul 2013.


Download the full report/book here (pdf).


FDI and TDA Congress press conference with Taner Yücel president of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and of the Turkish Dental Association (TDA)

16,197! That is the final tally of visitors attending the 2013 FDI Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC) and Exhibition, held in Istanbul (Turkey) from 28 to 31 August 2013. That makes it the biggest FDI congress for over one decade; that also makes it the largest medical congress ever held in Turkey.


Vision 2020 phase 2 press conference: launch of FDI Observatory for Oral Health Prevention and Control.

From left to rigth, Juan Carlos Llodra Calvo (chair of FDI Public Health Committee), Nermin Yamalik (FDI Councillor), Mayur V. Dixit (Sunstar Global Strategic marketing & Scientific Affairs), Roberto Labella (head of Scientifica and Professional Affairs, Oral Care, at Johnson & Johnson).

It was also uppermost in our thoughts when, out of the different areas of focus identified in Vision 2020’s, two elements intimately related to our work on NCDs emerged as priorities. The first of these is the development of an observatory for oral health prevention and control, including data retrieval, oral health surveillance and oral health indicators.


The other priority area identified is collaborative practice. This has two dimensions: intra-professional collaborative practice, which places oral health care within the context of a team of oral health practitioners led by the dentist.

VIP Unilever reception. With Marie-Anne Aymerich (senior vice president Unilever Oral Care).

My words to the delegates:

…”So, it is my task once again to thank our friends at Unilever … for kindness, hospitality and all the support I have received during my term as FDI president. It has, literally, spanned all continents.

As the second phase of this unique partnership closes, I am sure that we are all looking forward to seeing the evolution and innovations of phase 3, which is set to launch later this year. “


The 2014 theme is “Celebrating healthy smiles”.

It will be celebrated worldwide on 20 March again.


Contract signature between FDI and the Dental Association of Thailand for the Bangkok AWDC 2015. From left to right, with Jean-Luc Eiselé (executive director of FDI) Tin Chun Wong (president-elect of FDI), Lt Gen Phisal Thepsithar (president-elect of the Dental Association of Thailand) and Adirek S. Wongsa (president of the Dental Association of Thailand).

Bangkok will be hosting the 2015 FDI Annual World Dental Congress from 22-25 September 2015.


Regional Congress Santiago de Chile 2015 – signature with LOC representatives. From left to right, with Francisco Omar Campos Sanhueza (director Sociedad Odontológica de Chile), TC Wong, Mauricio Rudolph (president Sociedad Odontológica de Chile), Daniel Amigo (director Sociedad Odontológica de Chile) and Jean-Luc Eiselé.


Istanbul Declaration signature approved at the 101st FDI AWDC. Oral health and general health: a call for collaborative approach ”To strongly defend oral health as a fundamental human right and an integrated part of general health and well-being.”.

From left to right, with Harry-Sam Selikowitz (vice Chair of FDI Science Committee), Li-Jian Jin (Chair of FDI Science Committee) and Taner Yücel (president of TDA).


Escarcel study press conference. From left to right, with Teresa Layer (vice president, Oral Health Category Research and Development at GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare), Denis Bourgeois (professor of Periodontology and Public Health, Vice President of Science and Medical Faculty and Dean of the Faculty of Odontology at University of Lyon 1, France), Adrian Lussi (professor and Head of the Department of Operative, Preventative and Paediatric Dentistry, University of Bern, Switzerland), Nicola West (professor in periodontology and Head of Department, Bristol Dental Hospital and School, UK) and David Bartlett (professor and Head of Prosthodontics at Kings College London Dental Institute, London, UK).

At the Colgate booth with Marsha Butler, VP, Global Oral Care Colgate and local responsible officers.

World Oral Health Forum 1: “How might the Minamata Convention on Mercury affect dentistry”.

World Oral Health Forum 2 that I had the privilege to open: “Addressing Oral Health within the Global Non-Communicable Disease (NCDs) initiative: A focus on the opportunities provided by such integration at regional and country level”.

Opening of the Exhibition. 16000 visitors!

Opening Ceremony of the FDI AWDC Istanbul.


Turkish Minister of Health, Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, Taner Yücel and me. Heavy burden, but worth the effort!

A moon over the Bosphorus… A crescent shaped by a bite……“In Eastern mythologies the crescent moon also represents women, motherhood… and again as the shape of the bull horn is a symbol of power in Anatolian cultures.”, from Cem Sağbil.

My welcome speech: “ This Annual World Dental Congress is a reflection of what FDI represents in the world today: relevant, influential, well-informed, ubiquitous”…

The great performer Burhan Öcal.

“Fire of Anatolia “ and “Sultans of dance” performance.

Handover of FDI Presidential Chain to president-elect TC Wong.

The Turkish Dental Association Organizing Committee. Well done!

Crowds at the exhibition… more than 270 companies showcasing their products and services in some 6000 square metres…

…and at the scientific sessions with 171 speakers and 1190 abstracts presented!

Thanks for the support of Industry. With the president of International Dental Manufacturers (IDM) Jürgen Eberlein.

My last Council meeting…

By joining hands in the pursuit of these goals, we have been able overcome the heavy challenges of recent. This is due to the Council, the Executive Committee, the FDI staff under the leadership of the Executive Director, and volunteers both within and external to the Committees, our industry partners and other stakeholders, all working together with the same passion and commitment to succeed.

World Parliament

“… I would like to personally thank ‘our man at WHO’, chief of its oral health programme, Dr Poul Erik Pedersen for his tireless efforts to keep oral health on the WHO agenda….”

Organizing Committee New Deli, India 2014 at the GA.

FDI 2013 Istanbul was a huge success – and we are expecting the same from New Delhi. Why this confidence? A single word ‘venue’.

Receiving certificate of appreciattion of the FDI.

“ For the future, my message is that FDI should pursue its long-established role as advocate for oral health combined with compatible diplomacy, uniting the profession and working collaboratively with other oral health specialists and health professions.
I personally stand ready to continue my engagement with FDI World Dental Federation as a passionate and committed fan of its work and achievements. “

Thank you to the FDI staff and…

Special thanks to the FDI Executive Director, Jean Luc-Eiséle.

President and president-elect of the FDI, TC Wong and Patrick Hescot. Good luck for the future!

Me with the new FDI Council!

So long! See you in New Deli!