WOHD 2014. Celebrating healthy smiles in Portugal!

March 30, 2014

The celebrations of World Oral Health Day 2014, in Portugal, were held in Cultural Centre of Belém in Lisbon.

The Portuguese Government and the Portuguese Dental Association caught the theme “Celebrating healthy smiles” and teamed up with reading through national project “SOBE”, aiming to develop actions that promote reading, happiness and oral health.

The celebrations had two moments: in the morning a playful program for children and in the afternoon an institutional session. In parallel, an exhibition was held based on the book “Articulate – Oral Health and Art.”

The celebrations in Portugal had the collaborative approach oral health/education as the main focus. This partnership was well received and should be maintained and developed in the future.

The morning session was attended by about 150 children and nearly 200 people. General Director of Health, Francisco George, interactively welcomed children. The atmosphere was full of happiness and joy.

1_WOD2014_PTOpening of the event with children.

2_WOD2014_PTGeneral Director of Health, Francisco George.

3_WOD2014_PTTheatre for children.

The afternoon session, targeted to health stakeholders, decision makers and politicians was attended by about 100 people. The results and the projects of both the National Oral Health Promotion Programme (NOHPP) and project SOBE were presented. The debate on oral cancer inclusion on the NOHPP was quite participated.

In the closing session, as President of the PDA, I presented the “FDI White Paper – Oral Health Worldwide”. The Portuguese Secretary of State for Education addressed the relationship between oral health and reading projects in this area that have been undertaken by the government.

The session was closed by the Health Minister, who praised oral health professionals and reading for the help and support they have given to this government towards the promotion of oral health of Portuguese people.

He also mentioned the extension of the National of Oral Health Promotion Programme including Oral Cancer early diagnosis; the success of oral health and reading kits which have now been extended into School Libraries of Portuguese speaking countries and the early intervention in oral cancer project.

4_WOD2014_PTMe addressing at the closing session.

5_WOD2014_PTMinister of Health, Paulo Macedo, addressing at the closing session.

6_WOD2014_PTMinister of Health, Secretary of State for Education, João Grancho, and me.

7_WOD2014_PTLast remarks for media.