Honorary membership of the Spanish Dental Association. ¡Gracias España!

January 20, 2015

I proudly received the nomination “Miembro de Honor” awarded by the Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Odontólogos, y Estomatólogos de España (Spanish Dental Association).

For me, this nomination is particularly important due to the fact that it was decided by all the Spanish representatives regions of the profession.

We share, Portugal and Spain, neighbouring countries, similar approaches in terms of ethics and quality.

From left to right, Óscar Castro Reino, presidente del Consejo General de Dentistas de España, me and Juan Carlos Llodra Calvo, secretario del Consejo General de Dentistas de España.


My sincere congratulations to José Font Buxó awarded with “Premio Santa Apolonia 2013” and also to the past president Alfonso Villa Vigil distinguished with “Presidente de Honor”.




Madrid: Current practice of Dentistry in Europe

December 29, 2013

Last 21 December, by invitation of the Spanish Dental Association, I participated at the Round Table “Current practice of Dentistry in Europe” of the XXXIV Congresso Nacional e XIV Internacional do Consejo General de Colegios de Odontólogos y Estomatólogos de España.

Other colleagues, as Stefaan Hanson, Marco Landi, Catherine Mojaïsky, Philippe Rusca, Gerhard Konrad Seeberger and Michael Sereny had also contributed with their opinion and experience. The moderator was Juan Manuel Aragoneses and Manuel Alfonso Villa Vigil, president of the Consejo, was the host of this relevant round table.

The highlight and topics that were under discussion:

  • numerus clausus: limitation in the number of incoming student at university in EU;
  • number of Dental Schools;
  • number of students that begin Dentistry studies each year;
  • percentage of population that uses dental services;
  • percentage of population that goes to the dentist without a “perceived need” annually;
  • Funds and/or supports from Governments to dental services;
  • private treatments / kind of payments
  • Advertising

From left to right, Andrés Plaza Costa, Manuel Alfonso Villa Vigil and Juan Antonio López Calvo.


From left to right, Enrique Llobell Palanca, Premio Santa Apolonia, my wife, Manuel Alfonso Villa Vigil, Llobell’s wife and me.


Press conference at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium of Real Madrid. Gerhard Seeberger, speaker at the round table too, interpellating a journalist…

Oral-B Symposium – Madrid

September 28, 2012

By invitation of Oral-B, I had the opportunity to present the FDI Vision 2020 to an important group of dental professionals, in Madrid, early this month.

With renowned iberian opinion leaders in the field of dentistry

Mariano Sanz, professor from Universid Complutense de Madrid, UCM, charing the session

Best Smile 2010 for Mr. Vicente Del Bosque

May 25, 2011

The Organización Colegial de Dentistas de España, through the Spanish Dental Association, awarded “Best Smile” 2010 to Mr. Vicente Del Bosque, the coach of the Spanish National Football Team, that last year won the World Cup for the first time for Spain. His career has been full of success accompanied by ethical values such as fair play and fellowship. This is the profile needed to receive this prize that awards the dedication and dignity of successful work. The same purpose as us dentists, I believe.

It was a pleasure, for a football’s passionate like me, to meet Mr. Del Bosque and Fernando Hierro, one of the icons not only of Real Madrid Club, but also of Football worldwide. Hierro made story as a central defender or defensive midfielder in RMC for 14 years.

I would like to highlight the positive initiative of the Spanish Dental Association, and specially address my colleague Manuel Villa Vigil my recognition for his dedicated performance leading the SDA.

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Book: “La Biopsia Oral”

October 11, 2010

Congratulations to the Spanish Dental Association (Consejo General de Colegios de Odontólogos y Estomatólogos de España) for the edition “La Biopsia Oral” for which I had the privilege to write one of the prologues.

La Biopsia Oral - Cover

La Biopsia Oral - Cover

La Biopsia Oral - Prologue

La Biopsia Oral - Prologue

Felicitaciones España

July 12, 2010

Estimados amigos y colegas españoles,

Es con gran alegría que le envío mis profundas felicitaciones, desde Portugal, por la victoria en la copa del mundo. Fue brillante.

¡están de felicitaciones!


Spanish Dental Association’s General Assembly

June 13, 2010

The Spanish Dental Association, in its General Assembly, marked the Oral Cancer European day. Last 11th June I was in Santiago Compostela with our colleagues from Spain where we approach some of the aspects concerning oral cancer: prevention and treatments.

Spanish Dental Association’s General Assembly

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