Spanish Dental Association’s General Assembly

The Spanish Dental Association, in its General Assembly, marked the Oral Cancer European day. Last 11th June I was in Santiago Compostela with our colleagues from Spain where we approach some of the aspects concerning oral cancer: prevention and treatments.

Spanish Dental Association’s General Assembly

The main causes of oral cancer have long been known and many cases of the disease could be prevented. It’s our duty to call people attention for this disease. Oral Cancer FDI policy statement adopted by the General Assembly in October 1998, Barcelona, Spain with revised version adopted by the General Assembly: 26th September 2008, Stockholm, Sweden, declares that:

“…The FDI World Dental Federation stresses the important role of all oral health care professionals in:

  • the early detection of oral cancers
  • patient education about the major risk factors and associated high risk behaviours
  • encouraging their patients to minimize exposure to cancer-causing risk factors
  • remaining current with reliable and valid diagnostic technologies
  • establishing referral protocols for patients presenting with suspicious lesions or diagnosed with oral cancer
  • establishing effective inter-disciplinary management…”

I congratulate the Spanish Dental Association for this initiative, hopping that other Dental Associations could to promote the same events, in a near future.

The national coordinators of the oral cancer campaign in Spain are Dr. Francisco Rodríguez Lozano and Dr. Juan Seoane Lestón.

For further information (in spanish), click here.

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