Madrid: Current practice of Dentistry in Europe

Last 21 December, by invitation of the Spanish Dental Association, I participated at the Round Table “Current practice of Dentistry in Europe” of the XXXIV Congresso Nacional e XIV Internacional do Consejo General de Colegios de Odontólogos y Estomatólogos de España.

Other colleagues, as Stefaan Hanson, Marco Landi, Catherine Mojaïsky, Philippe Rusca, Gerhard Konrad Seeberger and Michael Sereny had also contributed with their opinion and experience. The moderator was Juan Manuel Aragoneses and Manuel Alfonso Villa Vigil, president of the Consejo, was the host of this relevant round table.

The highlight and topics that were under discussion:

  • numerus clausus: limitation in the number of incoming student at university in EU;
  • number of Dental Schools;
  • number of students that begin Dentistry studies each year;
  • percentage of population that uses dental services;
  • percentage of population that goes to the dentist without a “perceived need” annually;
  • Funds and/or supports from Governments to dental services;
  • private treatments / kind of payments
  • Advertising

From left to right, Andrés Plaza Costa, Manuel Alfonso Villa Vigil and Juan Antonio López Calvo.


From left to right, Enrique Llobell Palanca, Premio Santa Apolonia, my wife, Manuel Alfonso Villa Vigil, Llobell’s wife and me.


Press conference at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium of Real Madrid. Gerhard Seeberger, speaker at the round table too, interpellating a journalist…

2 Responses to Madrid: Current practice of Dentistry in Europe

  1. Dear Orlando:
    The Round Table sounds very interesting. Is there (will there be) an output document? If so, that would be very useful. Also, was there any discussion on the state of dental research in dental schools of Europe? Many thanks for the useful updates on your blog.

    • Dear Christopher,
      there will be conclusions to be launched by the participantes by the Spanish Dental Association, Colegio de Odontologos y Estómatologos de España.
      Dental research wasn´t a topic , only curricula and the Bologna process.
      Hope to see you soon,
      thanks, regards,