A Lisbon Story: more, much more than a simple congress…

December 11, 2017

The Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas, Portuguese Dental Association, 26th Congress took place at Altice Arena on the bank of the River Tagus, from the 16th to the 18th of November.

PDA 26th Congress (2017)
Total congress participants – 3.400
Number of scientific presentations – 107
Speakers – 96
Number of entries at Expo-Dentária – 16.600

The FDI President, Dr. Kathryn Kell, kindly accepted OMD’s invitation to participate at our Congress. See her inspiring speech below.

Official opening of Expodentaria Portugal with the presence of the Portuguese Minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral.

The Secretary of State Assistant of Health, Fernando Araújo, presided the opening ceremony. It was one of the highest moments of the congress once he announced a proposal for the adoption by our National Health Service of a specific professional career for Portuguese dentists.

During the congress, the ceremony to award specialist titles in orthodontics (7), oral surgery (135),paediatric dentistry (63) and periodontology (55) took place.

More than 900 people attended the ceremony.

Saturday at the end of the day. Group photo of organising committee and volunteers. Mission accomplished. A happy end!

Meeting with Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa

March 27, 2017

As president of CNOP – National Council of Professional Orders, representing 16 professional orders and more than 320,000 professionals registered therein, we had a meeting with Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa.

This Council was, until a few years ago, designated as National Council of Liberal Professions.

My reflection, as president of CNOP – National Council of Professional Orders, to the Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa was based on liberal professions and the need for a common definition of “liberal profession” both in Portugal and in Europe and a correspondent representation at a political level.

According to the European Economic and Social Committee where CNOP is represented:

“A liberal profession is characterised by: provision of a valuable intangible service that is distinctly intellectual in nature, based on advanced (academic) training; a service that is in the public interest; substantive and economic independence in executing tasks; provision of services in a personal capacity, on the provider’s own responsibility and in a professionally independent manner; a particular relationship of trust between the client and the service provider; a focus on providing the best possible service rather than on maximising profit; and compliance with precise, strict professional regulations and codes of professional ethics.”

From left to right, me, prime minister António Costa, and the host of the meeting, president of the Solicitors and Enforcement Agents Order, José Carlos Resende.

In the European Union, liberal professions play a significant role in establishing and maintaining key social infrastructure. Approximately one in six self-employed people work in sectors dominated by liberal professions, and that figure is rising. The same is true of one in six employees.

More than one euro in 10 of gross value added comes from sectors dominated by liberal professions.

The economic contribution of liberal professions to EU’s GDP is around 12.8% and accounts for more than 10% of employment.

In Portugal, liberal professions are an endangered species if not in the path to extinction. Take the example of the profession I represent: approximately 97% of dentists are liberal professionals, either employed or self-employed, with the autonomy and independence recognized by the profession.

We are 10.000 and account for the employment of 25,000 people, among dental assistants, technicians, hygienists and administrative assistants, etc.

Our income corresponds to 11 months work, and expenses to 12 or 14 months, including equipment, materials, insurance, taxes, etc. not to mention work hours.

We don’t have the classical protection with regards to unemployment, illness, maternity, retirement, or incapacity to work.

We need effective representation in social dialogue. Professionals regulated by Professional Orders, more than 320.000, have no place in the framework of social dialogue, as do unions, companies, commerce and private employers.

Liberal professions need to be heard, especially those represented by Professional Orders in Portugal.

A selected audience of representatives of the orders.

Group photo at the end of the meeting.


Meeting with new Portuguese President of Republic

May 4, 2016

CNOP (National Council of the Portuguese Professional Orders) was received in audience (April 28th 2016) by the recently elected President of the Portuguese Republic (election held last January), Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, at his official residence, Palácio de Belém, in Lisbon.


As CNOP’s President, I would like to express my appreciation for the words that the President addressed to me and to all of the Portuguese Professional Associations, highlighting the important role of liberal professions and qualified professionals regulated by the Professional Associations in Portugal.

The President of the Republic stressed CNOP’s role as a social partner and the need to enhance this position.

All the Presidents of the Professional Associations present had the opportunity to present the President of the Republic their views regarding human resources training in the respective qualified professions and its impact in employability.


Lastly, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa shared his detailed views on the current national and international politics.



The audience lasted approximately two and a half hours. At the end, CNOP’s President and President of the Portuguese Dental Association, offered the President of Republic, on behalf of CNOP, a case with the pins and logotypes of each of the Professional Orders.

Reelected President of the Portuguese Dental Association

January 15, 2016

On the 9th January the swearing-in ceremony of the new governing bodies of the Portuguese Dental Association, took place, in Lisbon, at Palace Foz.

I am happy to inform that the single candidate list that I submitted, was elected, by general assembly, on the 15th December 2015 for a further four year mandate, with myself as President. Under PDA’s new statutes the governing bodies now have a General Council, composed of 50 members that represent all regions throughout Portugal.

We have new challenges ahead, and new commitments and therefore will be very busy in contributing to the improvement of Oral Health Care in Portugal!

Sumptuous interior of the XVIII century Palace Foz, revivalist style located at Lisbon downtown.

From left to right, Paulo Ribeiro de Melo (former secretary general and member of the new General Council), Luís Filipe Correia (president of Ethics Council), Orlando Monteiro da Silva (President/bastonário), Fernando Araújo (secretary of State Assistant and of Health), João Caramês (president of the General Assembly) e Ana Cristina Mano Azul (president of the Fiscal Council).

The ceremony took place in Lisbon. Was attended by numerous representatives from the Portuguese profissional associations and politicians like Teresa Caeiro, vice president of the Portuguese Parliament, Carlos César, leader of the Socialist Group at the Parliament (Government party), and António Correia de Campos, former Ministry of Health, among other academic, professional and scientific personalities.

Closing speech.

Portuguese Dental Association Annual Congress

November 20, 2015

The Portuguese Dental Association held its annual congress from the 12 to the 13th November at Meo Arena in Lisbon. The 24th edition of PDA’s congress registered 84 lecturers, 108 posters and 10 730 participants. Expo Dentaria, which is held simultaneously with the congress, boasted 118 companies, representing a total of 390 stands.

These numbers just go to show that this year’s congress was one of the best ever in the history of PDA!

I would like to share with you some of the highlights of this events:

The venue for this year’s congress, situated near the river Tejo, made everything more pleasable:





The opening ceremony of the congress, with the presence of the former President of the Republic Jorge Sampaio, and the Minister of Health, in functions at the time, Fernando Leal da Costa.


Jorge Sampaio


Fernando Leal da Costa


Orlando Monteiro da Silva


Opening ceremony audience

The scientific sessions always gathered a significant audience, reflecting the quality and interest of the lectures.



A look at our Expo-Dentária dental fair:


See you next year in Porto where the 25th edition of the Portuguese Dental Association Congress will be celebrated!

Honoured by my city. Thank You Porto!

July 12, 2015

“It was with great surprise and an even greater honour that I received the Gold Medal of Merit of my city. A city that is also closely linked to Dental Medicine as it has been the headquarters of the Portuguese Dental Association (PDA), since the foundation, in 1991. Even before that when the Profession was not yet autonomously organized, at those days together with the physicians. I receive it on behalf of all my fellow dentists and of all our collaborators at PDA.” These were my first words. The honour I felt was not only at a personal level, but it was also like a collective feeling of pride in representing the dental medicine profession.

The Gold Medal of Merit of the Municipality of Porto is awarded to citizens and institutions that have distinguished themselves through personal merit or civic accomplishments.

Receiving the Gold Medal of Merit by the Municipality of Porto, at the public ceremony held last 9 july.

The Pergola is one of the iconic images of Porto. A large sidewalk by the Atlantic sea.

Thank you Porto!

First Portuguese Oral Health Barometer!

November 27, 2014

The Portuguese Dental Association held its annual congress on the 6th, 7th and 8th November 2014, at Exponor in Porto, Portugal. The twenty-third edition of OMD’s congress had 48 speakers, 115 posters, 3110 attendances, 7250 visitors to Expo-Dentária and 130 companies with 347 booths at Expo-Dentária.


I would like to share with you some special moments, in special the launch of the first Portuguese Oral Health Barometer and its results.


See below a short video resuming the conclusions.


I would like to highlight the conference Dental Medicine in Europe . Aspects of the oral health system from different European realities were shared and debated with the audience.

From left to right: Sara Roda (Council of European Dentists Policy Officer), Alasdair G. Miller (President of the British Dental Association, United Kingdom), Juan Carlos Llodra (Secretary of the Consejo General de Colegios de Odontólogos y Estomatólogos de España, Spain), me as moderator of the conference, Catherine Mojaïsky (Confédération Nationale des Syndicats Dentaires, France), Óscar Castro Reino (President of the Consejo General de Colegios de Odontólogos y Estomatólogos de España, Spain), Filipa Carvalho Marques (Director of the Legal Department of the Portuguese Dental Association).


Meeting with Portuguese Dental Students Associations and European Dental Students’ Association.


It is always a huge effort to yearly launch such a congress, given that the Organizing Committee is only composed of volunteers. At the end an enormous pride fills us with a feeling of mission accomplished in contributing to the continuing of education of the oral health team in Portugal.


Thank You and keep calm, see you in Lisbon, the 12th, 13th, 14th November next year!

Meeting with President of the Portuguese Republic

May 8, 2014

As President of the National Council of Professional Orders (CNOP), I had a meeting with Aníbal Cavaco Silva, President of the Portuguese Republic.

The main points addressed to the President were the European elections and its political moment; the revision of the self-regulation legislative process in course under Government initiative, and mobility of the qualified professions particularly on the European context.

CNOP represents 16 Orders and more than 300.000 qualified professionals in Portugal.



From left to right, Pedro Biscaia (vice-president of the General Council of the Order of Layers), José Azevedo Rodrigues (president of the Order of Chartered Accountants), Carlos Pereira Martins (president of the Executive Committee of the CNOP), Carlos Matias Ramos (president of the Order of the Engineers), Alexandra Bento (president of the Order of Nutritionists), Orlando Monteiro da Silva (president of CNOP and president of the Dental Portuguese Order), and Aníbal Cavaco Silva, president of the Portuguese Republic.

WOHD 2014. Celebrating healthy smiles in Portugal!

March 30, 2014

The celebrations of World Oral Health Day 2014, in Portugal, were held in Cultural Centre of Belém in Lisbon.

The Portuguese Government and the Portuguese Dental Association caught the theme “Celebrating healthy smiles” and teamed up with reading through national project “SOBE”, aiming to develop actions that promote reading, happiness and oral health.

The celebrations had two moments: in the morning a playful program for children and in the afternoon an institutional session. In parallel, an exhibition was held based on the book “Articulate – Oral Health and Art.”

The celebrations in Portugal had the collaborative approach oral health/education as the main focus. This partnership was well received and should be maintained and developed in the future.

The morning session was attended by about 150 children and nearly 200 people. General Director of Health, Francisco George, interactively welcomed children. The atmosphere was full of happiness and joy.

1_WOD2014_PTOpening of the event with children.

2_WOD2014_PTGeneral Director of Health, Francisco George.

3_WOD2014_PTTheatre for children.

The afternoon session, targeted to health stakeholders, decision makers and politicians was attended by about 100 people. The results and the projects of both the National Oral Health Promotion Programme (NOHPP) and project SOBE were presented. The debate on oral cancer inclusion on the NOHPP was quite participated.

In the closing session, as President of the PDA, I presented the “FDI White Paper – Oral Health Worldwide”. The Portuguese Secretary of State for Education addressed the relationship between oral health and reading projects in this area that have been undertaken by the government.

The session was closed by the Health Minister, who praised oral health professionals and reading for the help and support they have given to this government towards the promotion of oral health of Portuguese people.

He also mentioned the extension of the National of Oral Health Promotion Programme including Oral Cancer early diagnosis; the success of oral health and reading kits which have now been extended into School Libraries of Portuguese speaking countries and the early intervention in oral cancer project.

4_WOD2014_PTMe addressing at the closing session.

5_WOD2014_PTMinister of Health, Paulo Macedo, addressing at the closing session.

6_WOD2014_PTMinister of Health, Secretary of State for Education, João Grancho, and me.

7_WOD2014_PTLast remarks for media.

President of the Portuguese Dental Association dedicates honorary doctorate to dental medicine

January 30, 2014

Photos, video and my speech (PDF) of the ceremony awarding the honorary doctorate to the dentist Orlando Monteiro da Silva, on January 15th at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Porto.

The dentist and President of the Portuguese Dental Association was awarded the title of doctor honoris causa by the University of Porto, on January 15th 2014, and dedicated this tribute to those who helped the Portuguese population  become aware of the importance of oral health.

Doutoramento honoris causa de Orlando Monteiro da Silva (15 janeiro 2014, FMUP)




Doutoramento honoris causa de Orlando Monteiro da Silva (15 janeiro 2014, FMUP)



Doutoramento honoris causa de Orlando Monteiro da Silva (15 janeiro 2014, FMUP)





“It is a tribute to Portuguese dentistry and all those that since the early 70s, which was when dentistry appeared in Portugal, contributed to the Portuguese population’s awareness of the importance of oral health in overall health and quality of live”, said Orlando Monteiro da Silva.

“It is itself a genius and visionary initiative of two Professors, Afonso Pinhão Ferreira , Director of FMDUO, and António Felino, president of the Scientific Council, an additional milestone of enormous significance, and most relevant to the development and consolidation of dentistry” he emphasized in his speech.

The President considered that it was “the recognition, more than fair, of the path of many in the establishment of dentistry, “having found in myself”, possibly, the best placed recipient.”

“We cannot, however, forget to mention the public policies of education, prevention and treatment, through the National Program for Oral Health and Regional Programs, articulated with OMD, which contributed decisively to the improvement of oral health indexes of populations, helping Portugal to reach, in only a few years, the average of EU countries and the OECD.” he underlined.

Biography Note

Orlando Monteiro da Silva was born in Porto and graduated from Dental Medicine in the University of Porto.

He is President of the Portuguese Dental Association since 2001, and has occupied several positions in national and international renowned institutions.

In 2003 he was elected to the board of the Council of European Dentists, CED, having later served a term as its president, between 2006 and 2009.

In 2004 he was a candidate for the council of FDI – World Dental Federation, having become the first Portuguese to assume decision-making positions within this global organization of dentistry. He promoted the affiliation to FDI of East Timor, Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau and the Lusophone Dental Association.

The importance of strengthening Portuguese dentists and dentistry at national and international level, as well as the relevance of learning and bringing experiences from outside in, have marked his work as President of the Dental Association.

In 2010 he acted as president of FDI – World Dental Federation, a position he held until the end of term in August 2013. He was the first Portuguese to become President of the most important organization of world dentistry.

In 2011, he was elected president of the National Council of Professional Bodies (CNOP) and in 2012 took over as Director of the Economic and Social Portuguese Council, for the four years between 2011 and 2015.