Honoured by my city. Thank You Porto!

“It was with great surprise and an even greater honour that I received the Gold Medal of Merit of my city. A city that is also closely linked to Dental Medicine as it has been the headquarters of the Portuguese Dental Association (PDA), since the foundation, in 1991. Even before that when the Profession was not yet autonomously organized, at those days together with the physicians. I receive it on behalf of all my fellow dentists and of all our collaborators at PDA.” These were my first words. The honour I felt was not only at a personal level, but it was also like a collective feeling of pride in representing the dental medicine profession.

The Gold Medal of Merit of the Municipality of Porto is awarded to citizens and institutions that have distinguished themselves through personal merit or civic accomplishments.

Receiving the Gold Medal of Merit by the Municipality of Porto, at the public ceremony held last 9 july.

The Pergola is one of the iconic images of Porto. A large sidewalk by the Atlantic sea.

Thank you Porto!

2 Responses to Honoured by my city. Thank You Porto!

  1. kathryn kell says:

    Congratulations, Orlando
    So well deserved. What an honor from your home of Porto!

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  2. Everaldo Alves Nazareth Júnior says:

    Parabéns Orlando!!! Voce merece essa honraria.