2010 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting

For the second time I was present at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. It was impossible not to go back. The excellent organisation and the importance of the meetings and contacts established, make this meeting a great success. The CDS Midwinter Meeting is one of the largest exhibits of dental products in North America, providing the international dental community with the updated information we need to better serve our patients.

Chicago Tribune and the Statue God Bless America

I always look forward to an innovated dentistry around the world. I want to hear from all of you so that I know what is being made and find out where there is room for improvement. The 145th Midwinter Meeting was a space where I had the opportunity to hear several persons and Institutions. I met with colleagues from Chicago, Brazil and so on. I also met with FDI Corporate Partners, Colgate, IDM and National Museum of Dentistry.

The President of the American Dental Association, Dr. Ronald Tankersley, that offered a social reception and lunch also welcomed me and other participants.

Between meetings and social programme – I must refer the brilliant CDS MM 2010 opening ceremony with the comedian Rita Rudner; and also the wonderful Gala Dinner, where me and my wife were invited by Dr. Michael Stablein and Dr. Caroline Scholt – thanks Michael and Coco! I had time to once more breathe Chicago. Chicago was white covered, but it didn’t stop me from being blessed in America and looking for advice on CVS Pharmacy!

Me thinking about Omega 3 from CVS Pharmacy

White Chicago

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