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I had the pleasure of attending the reception of the Chicago Dental Society (CDS) and observed its excellent congress. I had the opportunity of exchanging some ideas regarding the future of dentistry with CDS’s President, Dr David Kumamoto and with the President-Elect, Dr Michael Stablein.

On the Chicago Bulls stadium

It was also an opportunity to speak with several colleagues, from around the world, who attended CDS’s Midwinter Meeting and that were also present at the American Dental Association’s (ADA) reception.

Furthermore, it was a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship with various colleagues from ADA, specially Dr John S. Findley, President of ADA and with ADA’s President-Elect, Dr Ron Tankersley, as well as with several Trustee’s, amongst them Dennis E. Manning, and with some ADA officers: Michael J. Barry, Laura A. Kosden and Ruth White.

Among others were Dr Darryll L. Beard, Vice-President of the Illinois State Dental Society, and Prof. Eugene Sekiguchi from the University of Southern California. I also recall the presence of Dr. Víctor Manuel Reynoso, President of the “Asociación Dental Mexicana” and Dr. Jaime Edelson Tishman, its President-Elect.

This was also a moment to speak with Dr Roberto Vianna, President-Elect of the FDI, with Dr Norberto Lubiana, President of the ABO and FDI Councillor, and with Dr. David Alexander, FDI Executive Director.

Prof. Paulo Melo JADA Director of the Portuguese edition joined me in this journey to Chicago.

Dentistry and the FDI were the main issues of our conversations.

I’m attaching some photographs of this journey that was enriching in its every aspect. As Sinatra sang: “Chicago, Chicago that toddling town…”

ADA’s reception. By my side: Dr. Jaime Edelson Tishman, Dr. Víctor Manuel Reynoso and Dr Norberto Lubiana

Chicago Jazz Club. With Dr. Vianna and Dr. Lubiana

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