Letter to European profession representatives

Dear friends, I share with you on this blog the letter I sent to all profession representatives in Europe:

Dear Colleagues

Nowadays the practice of dentistry faces specific challenges.

The slowdown of economic activity has been noticeable for a while now. And us, dentists, self employed or not, mainly depend on payments made directly or indirectly by our patients and we are well aware of how the reduction of family income affects the demand for our services.

This type of crisis should motivate us to adjust. And, this adjustment will pose threats as well as new opportunities to act and new challenges.

It is time for our profession to reaffirm the fundamental principles that guide us, including the principles of independence of dentists, direct relationship with patients and, most of all, promotion of high standards of oral health.

CED represents more than 320,000 dentists and will remain actively involved in defending these principles to protect the health of Europeans.

Best Regards,

The President

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Orlando Monteiro da Silva

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