Diplomacy for Advocacy. So long FDI!

August 30, 2013


When I took office as FDI President two years ago at the meeting of the General Assembly in Mexico City, I made a commitment to leave FDI in a stronger position and reinforce its reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and credible partner to our members, stakeholders, the industry and partners.


In concrete terms, FDI has made measurable achievements in a number of areas over the past year.

The ones I would like to highlight are:

  • The Vision 2020 project, and the launch of FDI Observatory for Oral Health Prevention and Control;
  • NCD’s Non-Communicable Diseases: the success in the FDI for within the United Nations and WHO in imposing the view that oral diseases share risk factors with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases; they would therefore benefit from similar prevention and control activities;
  • the FDI Strategy for Africa;
  • our global partnership with Unilever renewed in Istanbul for 3+ 3 years;
  • our approach in the field of dental materials and its immediate results within the United Nations environment program;
  • the launch of the 2014 World Oral Health Day campaign;
  • Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC), India, New Deli 2014;
  • AWDC Thailand, Bangkok 2015;
  • Regional FDI Congress in Santiago de Chile 2015;
  • And last but not least, returning to surplus in 2013, ending a series of disappointing financial results.

I invited you to scroll down and take a look at some of it in FDI Istanbul 2013.


Download the full report/book here (pdf).


FDI and TDA Congress press conference with Taner Yücel president of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and of the Turkish Dental Association (TDA)

16,197! That is the final tally of visitors attending the 2013 FDI Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC) and Exhibition, held in Istanbul (Turkey) from 28 to 31 August 2013. That makes it the biggest FDI congress for over one decade; that also makes it the largest medical congress ever held in Turkey.


Vision 2020 phase 2 press conference: launch of FDI Observatory for Oral Health Prevention and Control.

From left to rigth, Juan Carlos Llodra Calvo (chair of FDI Public Health Committee), Nermin Yamalik (FDI Councillor), Mayur V. Dixit (Sunstar Global Strategic marketing & Scientific Affairs), Roberto Labella (head of Scientifica and Professional Affairs, Oral Care, at Johnson & Johnson).

It was also uppermost in our thoughts when, out of the different areas of focus identified in Vision 2020’s, two elements intimately related to our work on NCDs emerged as priorities. The first of these is the development of an observatory for oral health prevention and control, including data retrieval, oral health surveillance and oral health indicators.


The other priority area identified is collaborative practice. This has two dimensions: intra-professional collaborative practice, which places oral health care within the context of a team of oral health practitioners led by the dentist.

VIP Unilever reception. With Marie-Anne Aymerich (senior vice president Unilever Oral Care).

My words to the delegates:

…”So, it is my task once again to thank our friends at Unilever … for kindness, hospitality and all the support I have received during my term as FDI president. It has, literally, spanned all continents.

As the second phase of this unique partnership closes, I am sure that we are all looking forward to seeing the evolution and innovations of phase 3, which is set to launch later this year. “


The 2014 theme is “Celebrating healthy smiles”.

It will be celebrated worldwide on 20 March again.


Contract signature between FDI and the Dental Association of Thailand for the Bangkok AWDC 2015. From left to right, with Jean-Luc Eiselé (executive director of FDI) Tin Chun Wong (president-elect of FDI), Lt Gen Phisal Thepsithar (president-elect of the Dental Association of Thailand) and Adirek S. Wongsa (president of the Dental Association of Thailand).

Bangkok will be hosting the 2015 FDI Annual World Dental Congress from 22-25 September 2015.


Regional Congress Santiago de Chile 2015 – signature with LOC representatives. From left to right, with Francisco Omar Campos Sanhueza (director Sociedad Odontológica de Chile), TC Wong, Mauricio Rudolph (president Sociedad Odontológica de Chile), Daniel Amigo (director Sociedad Odontológica de Chile) and Jean-Luc Eiselé.


Istanbul Declaration signature approved at the 101st FDI AWDC. Oral health and general health: a call for collaborative approach ”To strongly defend oral health as a fundamental human right and an integrated part of general health and well-being.”.

From left to right, with Harry-Sam Selikowitz (vice Chair of FDI Science Committee), Li-Jian Jin (Chair of FDI Science Committee) and Taner Yücel (president of TDA).


Escarcel study press conference. From left to right, with Teresa Layer (vice president, Oral Health Category Research and Development at GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare), Denis Bourgeois (professor of Periodontology and Public Health, Vice President of Science and Medical Faculty and Dean of the Faculty of Odontology at University of Lyon 1, France), Adrian Lussi (professor and Head of the Department of Operative, Preventative and Paediatric Dentistry, University of Bern, Switzerland), Nicola West (professor in periodontology and Head of Department, Bristol Dental Hospital and School, UK) and David Bartlett (professor and Head of Prosthodontics at Kings College London Dental Institute, London, UK).

At the Colgate booth with Marsha Butler, VP, Global Oral Care Colgate and local responsible officers.

World Oral Health Forum 1: “How might the Minamata Convention on Mercury affect dentistry”.

World Oral Health Forum 2 that I had the privilege to open: “Addressing Oral Health within the Global Non-Communicable Disease (NCDs) initiative: A focus on the opportunities provided by such integration at regional and country level”.

Opening of the Exhibition. 16000 visitors!

Opening Ceremony of the FDI AWDC Istanbul.


Turkish Minister of Health, Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, Taner Yücel and me. Heavy burden, but worth the effort!

A moon over the Bosphorus… A crescent shaped by a bite……“In Eastern mythologies the crescent moon also represents women, motherhood… and again as the shape of the bull horn is a symbol of power in Anatolian cultures.”, from Cem Sağbil.

My welcome speech: “ This Annual World Dental Congress is a reflection of what FDI represents in the world today: relevant, influential, well-informed, ubiquitous”…

The great performer Burhan Öcal.

“Fire of Anatolia “ and “Sultans of dance” performance.

Handover of FDI Presidential Chain to president-elect TC Wong.

The Turkish Dental Association Organizing Committee. Well done!

Crowds at the exhibition… more than 270 companies showcasing their products and services in some 6000 square metres…

…and at the scientific sessions with 171 speakers and 1190 abstracts presented!

Thanks for the support of Industry. With the president of International Dental Manufacturers (IDM) Jürgen Eberlein.

My last Council meeting…

By joining hands in the pursuit of these goals, we have been able overcome the heavy challenges of recent. This is due to the Council, the Executive Committee, the FDI staff under the leadership of the Executive Director, and volunteers both within and external to the Committees, our industry partners and other stakeholders, all working together with the same passion and commitment to succeed.

World Parliament

“… I would like to personally thank ‘our man at WHO’, chief of its oral health programme, Dr Poul Erik Pedersen for his tireless efforts to keep oral health on the WHO agenda….”

Organizing Committee New Deli, India 2014 at the GA.

FDI 2013 Istanbul was a huge success – and we are expecting the same from New Delhi. Why this confidence? A single word ‘venue’.

Receiving certificate of appreciattion of the FDI.

“ For the future, my message is that FDI should pursue its long-established role as advocate for oral health combined with compatible diplomacy, uniting the profession and working collaboratively with other oral health specialists and health professions.
I personally stand ready to continue my engagement with FDI World Dental Federation as a passionate and committed fan of its work and achievements. “

Thank you to the FDI staff and…

Special thanks to the FDI Executive Director, Jean Luc-Eiséle.

President and president-elect of the FDI, TC Wong and Patrick Hescot. Good luck for the future!

Me with the new FDI Council!

So long! See you in New Deli!

FDI Congress at the NY Times Global Edition

December 31, 2012

istanbul2013Dear Colleagues and Friends of the FDI and of the global health community, we successfully held our 100th Congress this year in Hong Kong. I wish you a happy 2013 and all the best for the FDI. See you in Istambul, for the Centenary +1 FDI Anual World Dental Congress.

hkadvantage-nytimes(click the image to open full size)

Live. Learn. Laugh

February 20, 2012

As FDI President, I am proud to be associated with a project that is contributing so much to oral health all over the world.

Me with Monica Carlile, Regional Professional Marketing Manager for Europe, on my right, Virginie Horn, FDI World Education and Development Manager at my left, and local Unilever representatives.

Me with Monica Carlile, Regional Professional Marketing Manager for Europe, on my right, Virginie Horn, FDI World Education and Development Manager at my left, and local Unilever representatives.

Press conference

Press conference

FDI President Speaks About Oral Care (CNN Turk)

Unilever LLL workshop

Unilever LLL workshop

With Tri Erri Astoeti, from Indonesia Dental Association

Farewell dinner

Farewell dinner

18th International Dental Congress of the Turkish Dental Association

May 31, 2011

It wasn’t my first time in Turkey, but it was the first time I fell in love with turkey and its people. Maybe my predisposition was different this time, maybe what I saw touched me in a different way, or maybe it was just because I was welcomed so friendly.

I landed felling that even small things can give us pleasant surprises.

At the Miniaturk (the biggest miniature park of the World)

At the Miniaturk (the biggest miniature park of the World)

The organization of the 18th International Dental Congress of the Turkish Dental Association was super and they really did a very good job. The organization was exceptional, both of the scientific program and of the exhibition area.

At the opening ceremony I addressed some words to our colleagues, on behalf of FDI World Dental Federation. I’m leaving here the link for my speech (PDF, 53 KB). Bellow is Dr. Taner Yucel, who has given so much to TDA.

Dr. Taner Yucel, who has given so much to TDA

FDI has an important role on supporting its members. I was honored to take a closer look at TDA’s development and work, especially at the growth of its congress and at the dynamic role of dentistry in here. There are almost 25.000 dentists in Turkey and 23.144 of them are actively practicing their profession. The TDA was founded in 1986 and since then has been organizing the profession. Turks have an inspiring ability to keep things in perspective, and moving towards doing better. As a dentist with a voice within dentistry worldwide, I will always share what motivates each one of us for doing better in the field of oral health. Having in mind that even if we are a shadow or so different from the others that surround us, we will never quit, but instead we will try to fit at the space we have to act.

Orlando Monteiro da Silva at the museum

I took the opportunity to speak to several colleagues and establish contacts for FDI. I would like to involve more and more each one of those who aim to have better oral health for their populations.

Orlando Monteiro da Silva

Dr. Tarek Abbas Hassan (president of Egyptian Dental Association) and Dr. Ghassan Yared (president Liban Dental Association)

Dr. Tarek Abbas Hassan (president of Egyptian Dental Association) and Dr. Ghassan Yared (president Liban Dental Association)

Dr. Taner Yucel, Dr. Duyger Ilhan and Dr. Philippe Rusca

Prof. Dr. Taner Yücel, Prof. Nermin Yamalik, Dr. Duyger Ilhan and Dr. Philippe Rusca

The land of Alexander the Great, the land where Achilles battled the Trojans in Homer’s Iliad, the land of the Ottoman Empire, the land of the fought battles is now the land of a cosmopolitan future, where dentistry has a place of great importance and will shape the world, accordingly. Where tradition could reach modern times!

Thinking about Julius Caesar’s words regarding Turkey “Veni. Vidi, Vici” (I came, I saw, I conquered), I could say that this great civilization has that effect on people: I arrived, I saw and I was conquered.

Only the cat remains as nothing had changed, glancing towards the future where dentistry has already conquered its place!

TDA Istanbul Congress Newspaper

TDA Istanbul Congress Newspaper