2010 ERO Plenary Session in Yerevan, Armenia

April 30, 2010

New ERO board

The City of Yerevan, Armenia was the stage for the election of the new ERO President-elect and board members. The elections took place during the ERO plenary session (29-30 April 2010).

I am sure that the new ERO board members will do a great work within the FDI and will continuing approach and involve all European colleagues for a professional growth. Only together, we could offer a better oral health for our patients.

Congratulations to my colleagues for the election:

Philippe Rusca – President-Elect
Anna Lella – Secretary General/Treasurer
Michael Frank – Councilor
Bedros Yavru-Sakuk – Councilor

My best wishes to all of them! As always, I am at disposal for collaboration in any convenient issue.

The Scientific part of the ERO plenary session was under the theme: “A Global Medical Approach in the Service of the Profession”.

The next ERO plenary session will be held in Brazil during the 2010 FDI AWDC.

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