Leadership and management of dental teams: the middle way

There are many different leadership practices that are considered essential for a team, an organization, to be productive, to develop and to be a source of gratification for those who work in it.

Personally, I identify five as essential, when harmoniously combined with each other and with a fundamental ‘spice’: Common Sense.

Like this:

  • Observation, collection of information and monitoring of the organizational environment and surroundings;
  • Identification and emphasis of the purpose(s) of the organization;
  • Internal and external communication;
  • Horizontal and vertical collaboration in the decision-making mechanism;
  • Identification and implementation of new ideas, new processes with a view to progression and excellence.

You can read the full article, in Portuguese or English, in the Portuguese monthly edition of Dentistry magazine:

Open the English version of the article (pdf).

Open the Portuguese version of the article (pdf).

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