First summit of luso-hispano-american leaders in Buenos Aires

By invitation of Damián E. Basrani, president of the Argentina Dental Association (AOA), and Diego Canzani, presidente of the 37th Congress of the AOA (from 28th October to 2th November), I attended the first summit of dental medicine leaders from Portugal, Spain and Latin America.

My presentation focused on the “Future of the profession”.


 argentina-001 Group photo.

argentina-003From left to right, me, Pedro Pires (vice-president of the Portuguese Dental Association Board of Directors), Jaime Edelson (FDI councillor), Victor Guerrero (past-president of the Mexican Dental Association), Luiz Fernando Varrone (president of the Brazilian Dental Association/ABO) and Alvaro Roda (FDI councillor for Latin America).

argentina-004Opening ceremony.

argentina-006Several roundtables took place: dental materials and environment, dental curricula at the university, migration, among others.

argentina-005Buenos Aires “Torre Monumental”. Clock tower located in front of the summit venue.

We are all waiting for the second summit…

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