Europe and the Dentists Cap Esterel – France



By kind invitation of Catherine Mojaïsky, President of the French Confederation of Dental Union ( CNSD ), I attended the 5th Summer University from 20 to 22 September 2013 in Cap Esterel, on the Cote d’Azur, on the theme of “Europe and the dentists”. This event was dedicated to the CNSD responsible people and to future managers from all French departments and regions.

Catherine Mojaïsky

The event was organized around three roundtables and a political closing meeting on Sunday the 22nd morning, which I participated.

A more political round table under the theme: European harmonization: utopia or necessity?

– Gérard Morel, Vice-President of the CNSD
– Nora Berra, European Deputy (France)
– Catherine Mojaïsky, Presidente de la CNSD (France)
– Orlando Monteiro Da Silva, Past-President of FDI – (Portugal)
– Jacques Reignault, President du CEPLIS European Committee of Liberal Professions (France)
– Philippe Rusca, President of ERO – FDI – European Regional Organization of the FDI (Switzerland)

Moderator: Pascal Beau, Director of “Espace social européen”

I underlined the impact of the FDI highlighting oral health as a fundamental human right under the FDI Vision 2020 project.

Nora Berra, European Deputy (France)


An interested predominantly french assistance. Conclusion the need to find a balance and a regulation acceptable to all member states…

The roundtable on Friday the 20th afternoon was held on the theme of education and professional qualifications:
– Doniphan Hammer – President of the Professional Education and Implantation Commission of the CNSD
Intervenients :
– Wolfgang Doneus, President of the CED – Council of European Dentists (Austria)
– Stefaan Hanson, executive Director of the VVT, Flemish Dental Association (Belgium)
– Hassib Kamell, President of the l’AEDS – European Association of Dental students (Netherlands)
– François Keller, President de la SSO – Swiss Associtaion Société of Dentists (Switzerland)
– Jean-François Largy, Technical Counsillor of the CNSD (France)
– Constantine Oulis, Hellenic Dental Association – President of the WG Education and Professional Qualifications of the CED (Greece)

The two roundtables of Saturday the 21st addressed the European health systems and economic conditions of dentists in different countries of the European Union.
The first was dedicated to presentation of practicing conditions in the neighboring countries of France: relations with statutory or private insurance, reimbursed fees, enforceable fees, free fees…


– Roland L’Herron – CNSD International business responsible and elected for the CED – Council of European Dentists board. (France)
– Alain Arnaud, President of the MFP – Mutuality public function (France)
– Eric Badonnel, Secretary General of the National Union of Organizations of supplementary health insurance (France)
– Michel Chassang, President of the CSMF – French Confederation of Medical Unions (France)
– Peter Engel, President of BZÄK German Dental Association – elected for the CED – Council of European Dentists board (Germany)
– Marco Landi, from National Association of Italian Dentists and elected for the CED – Council of European Dentists board (Italy)
– Juan Carlos Llodra, from Spanish Dental Association (Spain)

In the second one, economic models were discussed: type of practice, taxation, practitioners’ income, retirement and pensions….


– Michel Bergougnoux, General treasurer of the CNSD
Interveniants :
– Nicolas Arnould, AIO –Italian Dental Association (French dentist practising in Italy )
– Stefaan Hanson, Executive Director of the VVT, Flemish Dental Association (Belgium)
– Guy Morel, President of the l’EurelPro – European Association of Pension Institutions Professionals and President of the CARCDSF – Autonomous pension fund dentists and midwives (France)-
Véronique Pellegrain, lawyer, specialised on European law (France)
– Michael Sereny, President of the Dental Chamber in Lower Saxony (Germany)


Three days of conferences and about 400 participants. A huge success. I thank Catherine and the all the CNSD colleagues and friends! A true pleasure for me!

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