FDI African Strategy for Africa – Capetown

Group photo of the participants Group photo of the participants (see list below).

30 delegates converged on Cape Town, South Africa, 30 and 31 October, to hammer out principles and action for future FDI undertakings on the African continent.

They included presidents and representatives from 16 national dental associations, a government official, a delegate from the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as FDI council and committee members and staff.

The aim was to listen, learn and agree on a common strategy to build capacity, reinforce credibility and enhance the operational effectiveness of African national dental associations.


African Summit on Oral Health (30 to 31 October 2012): Declaration

FDI World Dental Federation and 16 Presidents and representatives of its member National Dental Associations (NDAs) at the African Summit on Oral Health in Cape Town on 30 and 31 October 2012:

  • within the context of the overarching vision of ‘Leading the World to Optimal Oral Health’;
  • mindful of the crucial role of oral health in general health; and
  • alarmed by the omission of oral health from the ongoing discussions on WHO draft global work plan 2014-2019

FDI and NDAs commit to:

  • improving efficiency in order to reinforce credibility as national strategic advisor in the field of public oral health policy making;
  • enhancing leadership and management skills;
  • reinforcing inter-NDA communication and information exchange.

In support of these commitments, FDI and its NDAs will:

  • develop and facilitate training to enhance NDA skills in strategic planning, leadership, negotiation, governance, marketing and communications and project management;
  • advocate actively for oral health in the African continent;
  • develop a framework with WHO for data collection and dissemination;
  • implement and promote this strategic plan for African NDAs.

Strategic session.Strategic session


Addressing at SADA, South African 2012 Congress - "Dental dignity for all".Addressing at SADA, South African 2012 Congress – “Dental dignity for all”.

From left to right, Johannes Smit, Roux Vermeulen, Board Chairperson, and Maretha Smit.From left to right, Johannes Smit, Roux Vermeulen, Board Chairperson, and Maretha Smit.

FDI Unilever press conference.FDI Unilever press conference. The FDI African Oral Health Summit was made possible through an unrestricted grant from Unilever Oral Care.

Another group photo from Springboks Rugby Team, from South Africa (by coincidence, sharing the summit hotel).Another group photo… from Springboks Rugby Team, South Africa (by coincidence, sharing the summit hotel).

A view to Robben Island, from the harbour.A view to Robben Island, from the harbour.

Meeting delegates. Present at the meeting were:

Health officials
Dr. Bimpe Adebiyi (Nigeria), Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Benoit Varenne, WHO-Regional Focal Point Oral Health and Noma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Dr. Marc-Aurèle CATRAYE, Association des Chirurgiens-Dentistes du Benin, Benin, Dr. Jocelyne Gare Kopiho, Association des Chirurgiens-Dentistes du Burkina Faso (ACDB), Burkina Faso, Dr. Brigitte Banza, Association Nationale des Chirurgiens-dentistes, Democratic Republic of Congo, Prof. Marvet Rashed, Egyptian Dental Association, Egypt, Dr. Gilbert A. Ankrah, Ghana Dental Association, Ghana, Dr. Mamadu Cande Guinea-Bissau Dental Association, Guinea Bissau, Dr. Jane G. Wamai, Kenya Dental Association, Kenya, Dr. Susan Maina, Kenya Dental Association / FDI Strategy For Africa Task Team, Kenya, Dr. Ahmed Ba, Association des Odonto-Stomatologistes du Mali (AOSMA), Mali, Prof. Lahcen Ouseha, Association Marocaine de Prévention Bucco-Dentaire (AMPBD), Morocco, Dr. Paula Ahing, Mozambique, Dental Association, Mozambique, Dr. Ibrahim Amadou, Association des Chirurgiens Dentistes du Niger, Dr. Oluotimi Olojede, Nigerian Dental Association, Nigeria, Dr. Wakabe Kane, Association Nationale des Chirurgiens-dentistes Senegalais (ANCDS), Senegal, Dr Roux Vermeulen, South African Dental Association, South Africa, Dr. Fadil Elamin, Sudanese Dental Union, Sudan, Dr. Alphonse Mangamana, Association des Chirurgiens-Dentistes du Togo (ACDT), Togo, Dr. Gerald Tsoka, Dental Association of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe,

FDI World Dental Federation
Dr Orlando Monteiro da Silva, President.
Members of the FDI Strategy for Africa Task Team: Dr. Emile China (Benin), FDI Councilor, Dr. Patrick Hescot (France), FDI Councilor, Prof. Denis Bourgeois (France), President of GADEF,
FDI head office: Dr Jean-Luc Eiselé, Executive Director, Dr Virginie Horn, FDI Education and Development Manager, Christopher M. Simpson, Communications manager.

Ms. Danièle Castle (Switzerland).

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  1. Emile China says:

    Cape Town was a great step towards the FDI Strategy of oral health in Africa. Big congratulations to the participants, the sponsor and FDI. We hope that the next steps will be successfull.