Portuguese APMDH and SPOP Congress

Last May was fruitful in Congresses and Conferences, in Porto. It is with happiness that I am seeing oral health issues growing up at the national agenda. Oral healthcare Scientific Societies and/or Associations have been expanding in Portugal, giving us great contributions in specific areas.

Hereby, I would like to detach the 2nd Congress of Hospital Dentistry, organised by the Portuguese Hospital Dental Medicine and the 1st Iberian Paediatric Dentistry Meeting, co-organised by the Portuguese Society of Paediatric Dentistry and by the Spanish Society of Paediatric Dentistry, that was distinguished with the presence of the Secretary of Health, Dr. Manuel Pizarro.

Portuguese APMDH Congress

Round Table “Hospital dentistry” at the II Congress of Hospital Dentistry, 22 May 2010

1st Iberian Paediatric Dentistry Meeting

Opening ceremony of the 1st Iberian Paediatric Dentistry Meeting, 20 May 2010

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