Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Dental Association

congresso2008Dear Colleagues, I would like to invite you for the 17th Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Dental Association that will be held from 20 till 22 November, in Porto.

It will be a Congress only with Portuguese speakers in order to mark the tenth anniversary of the Portuguese Dental Association that we celebrate with proud this year.

The President-elected of the FDI, Roberto Vianna, will pleasant us with his participation. We also have confirmed the participation of the Portuguese State Health Secretary, Manuel Pizarro and the President of ABO (Brazil), Norberto Lubiana too.

We also wait for the presence of the Angola Dental Association (ANTEA), Egidio Mendonça and Avelino Cachilandala, Guinea- Bissau Dental Association, Mamadu Cande, and from Cape Verde, Antonino Veiga. Come and see what of good is made in Portuguese dentistry.

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