Vision 2020: a vision for young dentists

“The main goal of IADS always has been to unite the world’s dental students, to give them the opportunity to meet and discuss about their education, their profession and their future as a dentist.”

I was present at their 59th Annual Meeting

During my address to the delegates at the IADS & IDW Meeting, where I introduced FDI Vision 2020, and maybe due to the enthusiasm felt by those young dentists, I realized: young dentists worldwide will make it happen! They will be the responsible to continue it and to measure the impact after 2020. Young dentists were always a personal concern. I admire their ambitions and willingness to learn and improve skills.

With Ionut Luchian, IADS (International Association of Dental Students) immediate past president, and Stefánia Zsuzsanna Radó, president.

With the Portuguese delegation dental students at the IADS Meeting.

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