Condolences to the people of Japan

I would like to leave here a short word for the situation in Japan. I already expressed my deeply sadness to the President of the Japan Dental Association, Dr. Mitsuo Okubo and to Prof Masaki Kambara, FDI Councilor, for the tragic devastation brought by the earthquake and consequently the radioactive steam that is being relieve. It’s dramatic.

I have been kept attention for the follow-up of this nuclear catastrophe that caught the Japanese people, but I’m confident that all efforts would be made for Japan’s recover and rebuild.

I believe that an all-out rescue effort will be needed and that everyone could help in what may concern. I would like to sensitize all dentists that have availability and resources to help the victims that may need dental treatment and to assist in identifying victims through observation an analysis of the registration dental clinic.

My thoughts remain with the people of Japan.

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