31st Asia Pacific Dental Congress

logo-asiapacificI recently participated on the 31st Asia Pacific Dental Congress, under the theme “Emerging Trends and Practices of Dentistry – Managing the Next Wave”, held in Hong Kong from the 7th till the 11th of May. This congress was organized by the local dental association and under the auspices of the Asia Pacific Dental Federation.

As I expected, it was an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest products and developments that the international dental community, especially Southeast Asia professionals, presently offers.

Using the words of Dr. Jeffery Tsang, chairman of the 31st APDC Local Organizing Committee, “the dental sector has also been undergoing an era of evolution and we are determined to take a strong foothold from which we can step forward to improve our systems and to upgrade ourselves as dentists to meet the evolutional improvement”.

The Asia Pacific Dental Federation / Asia Pacific Regional Organization president is Dr. Mirza Ma and the Hong Kong Dental Association president is Dr. Sigmund Leung.

Last year, the annual Asia Pacific Dental Congress was held in Bangkok, in Thailand. In 2010 will be held in Sri Lanka and the 2011 edition is planned for the Philippines.

I had the opportunity to present my candidature to FDI President-elect at the APRO meeting, under the patronage of it’s President, Dr. Jeffery Tsang, Past President, Dr. Adirek S. Wongsa, and Secretary General, Dr. Oliver Hennedidge, bet ween others.

It´s was a good opportunity to present some ideas I defend.

Official website: www.apdc2009.org.

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